Do You think Hula Hooping is Difficult?

Think Again!

Hooping is easy with Hula Hoops of Proper Size and Weight.

Anybody can Hoop with…

Nakshatra Hula Hoops

Benefits of Hula Hoop

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Flexible Body

Hulla Hoops in India

Reduces Belly Fat

Hulla Hoops in India

Prevents Stress

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Healthy Heart

hula hoops in India

Improves Posture

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Improves Focus & Concentration


I never knew it was so easy! …Until I myself picked up the hoop, and started spinning.

Ritu Khanna, Gurgaon

Your Hula Hoop for beginners (44 inches size, 700 gms weight) is simply unbelievable! I could do it with ease even though I have never been into hula hooping.

Arun Prakash, Indirapuram

Hi, I just wanted to convey you that the customized hula hoop sent by you is very nice. I tried spinning it… and it was as if the 30 year gap (since my childhood) never happened!

Gauri Patnaik, New Delhi

Thanks Nakshatra… for introducing this wonderful fun toy! Now, myself and my son are in competition as to who can spin it for a longer period. And as of now, I am winning with 35 minutes at a stretch!

Vergese Thomas, Faridabad

Simply amazing!

Swati Shah, Noida